Regularly eat barley red bean porridge to dampen swelling and spleen

Today, old Chinese medicine recommends a good product for removing dampness and spleen-barley red bean porridge. This is a traditional medicated diet, which can be used as a meal or tea, and the preparation method is simple. Just wash the barley and red beans.Put in water to make porridge and serve.

The effect of barley red bean porridge barley is called “coix seed” in Chinese medicine, and it is listed as top grade in “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic”, which can cure dampness and paralysis, improve gastrointestinal tract, eliminate edema, strengthen spleen and stomach, and lighten Qi.
Red beans, injected with “red adzuki beans” in Chinese medicine, also have obvious effects on water, swelling, and spleen and stomach, because it is red, red into the heart, so it can also fill the heart.

Modern people have high mental stress, heart qi deficiency, inadequate diet, less exercise, and weak spleen.

It is necessary not only to remove dampness, but also to replenish the heart, and to strengthen the spleen and stomach.

Boil it into porridge, which is intended to transform the effective ingredients to be fully absorbed by the human body without causing any burden on the spleen and stomach.

Regarding the “swelling” effect of indica rice and red beans, not only edema, but also obesity.

In Chinese medicine, obesity and edema all mean that the body is wet.

The water cannot flow with the blood and qi, and stays between the cells of the body, causing the body to swell rapidly.

The edema is so severe and the obesity is also serious, but it is only deep or shallow.

Drugs or foods with strong dehumidifying properties can remove these stagnant fluids and reduce swelling.

Therefore, red beans must be used in the treatment of edema, and practice has proven that indica red bean porridge has a good weight loss effect, which can lose weight without harming the body, especially for middle-aged and obese people, the effect is particularly good.

Techniques for boiling red rice porridge: The rice is very hard and the red beans are very hard. Therefore, if you put it in the pot and cook it, it will not rot for about an hour. It is a waste of fire (electricity).
Here are two methods recommended for everyone: first, add enough water to the pot, extinguish the fire after boiling, and let the rice and red beans simmer for half an hour; then turn on the fire and boil for half an hour, so that the red bean porridge is cookedAll right.

Second, use the glutinous rice beaker, put the glutinous rice and red beans into it, then pour in the boiling water and stopper the glutinous rice. Do this every night, and get up to eat porridge in the morning.

There is an advantage to red rice porridge, which is that it does not become sticky and thick when it is boiled. The red beans and barley that are always rotten are underneath. The top is red soup. Most of the active ingredients of barley and red beans are in the soup.

When making porridge, add more water, and these soups can be used as tea.

If it’s summer, it’s best to drink it in the morning, it often spoils in the afternoon.

What can I add to the barley red bean porridge?

1. Jia Guiyuan usually thinks of hurting, overworked and less exercised people, often don’t have blood on their bodies, they are not full of energy, even palpitations, drowsiness, feel their heads are as wrapped, and their hearts are empty.

This is a manifestation of dampness and lack of energy in the body. You can add some longan in the rice and red bean porridge to cook together.

Longan is sweet and warm, can appetite and strengthen the spleen, soothe the nerves and replenish blood, can stimulate the heart and yang, warm the heart, and make people full of energy and full of vitality.

It is particularly suitable for mentally motivated workers, as well as middle-aged and elderly people.

2, add lily, lotus seeds young people are prone to irritability, insomnia, or shell rashes, acne, which are caused by overheating, hot and humid internal disturbances, you can add lily or lotus seeds to the barley red bean porridgeCook, or add both.

Lily can moisturize the lungs, nourish your face, and clear your heart and mind.

The lotus seed can raise the heart and refresh the heart, and at the same time can strengthen the spleen and kidney, but the lotus seed has a slight retention effect, and people who are relatively thin can use it, but those who have a little body stasis may not be suitable.

When using lotus seeds, remove the inner heart.

Of course, if you think this porridge has no taste, you can add some sugar.

Of the various types of sugar, only rock sugar is cold and refreshing.

3, add ginger If you have a cold, or have cold in your body, cold stomach pain, poor appetite, you can add a few slices of ginger in red rice porridge.

Ginger is warm, can dispel cold in moderate temperature, strengthen spleen and stomach.

Note that you can’t add more ginger, it will make the porridge spicy.

If you want to add condiments to this porridge, you can only put brown sugar. Brown sugar is also mild.

4. If you cough raw pears, you can peel and peel the raw pears into 1?
2 cm square small pieces, add in rice red bean porridge and cook together, can moisturize the lungs, phlegm, and quench thirst.

5, add black beans kidney deficiency people, you can add some black beans in barley red bean porridge.

Because the black enters the kidney, and the shape of the bean is very similar to the kidney, it is a good product for nourishing the kidney.

6, add soybeans Now people often say beriberi, is a typical hot and humid bet.
You can add soy beans to barley red bean porridge, eat the porridge, and wash your feet with the soup.
Tongzhi internal and external, the effect is very good.

7. Adding yam and pumpkin yam is known as “qi dying little ginseng”. Sometimes, it has a greater benefit than ginseng. It is a sacred product for nourishing the spleen and stomach, and it can strengthen kidney essence, nourish lungs and nourish qi.

Pumpkin can replenish Qi.

Tip: Can I enlarge the rice when I cook the red bean porridge?

Never zoom in.

Because rice grows in water, it contains moisture and is sticky, so the rice is thick as soon as it is boiled.

Both red beans and barley are dehumidified. They do not contain moisture, so they are not thick how to boil, and the soup is very clear.

Traditional Chinese medicine just uses its clear nature to remove the moisture from the human body. Once rice is added, it is equivalent to moisture, so the whole porridge is thick.

Although the taste may be better, it is not necessarily good for health, because that handful of rice, all red beans, and barley are in vain, and the benefits are completely useless.