[How to make cabbage stuffed buns]_Homemade methods of cabbage stuffed buns_How to make cabbage stuffed buns_How to make cabbage stuffed buns

Cabbage and meat stuffing is a very home-cooked dish. You do n’t need to prepare seasonings deliberately for this dish. Basic salt, MSG, and soy sauce vinegar can polish the delicate layout of this dish.The soup looks more colorful and scented, which makes people drool.

1. Warm the water to open the yeast, let it stand for a while, pour it into the flour, stir it into a cotton fluff, knead it into a smooth dough, and leave it to stand for fermentation.

2. Prepare the stuffing, wash and cut the cabbage, heat the oil in the pot, add ginger, minced garlic and stir-fry the cabbage. Let the cabbage soften and serve.

3. Pour the cabbage, shiitake mushrooms and pork belly together, add an appropriate amount of soy sauce, salt, allspice, sesame oil, spring onion, stir well, so that the stuffing is ready.

4, shiitake mushrooms soaked, chopped, pork belly cut into small dices, small fire slowly fragrant incense cooked pork belly, when pork belly is a lot of, scented, ready to serve.

5. The dough is fermented to the original double size 6. Knead the dough again to let it vent.

7. Knead the noodle balls into strips and cut into a certain size.

8, roll the agent into the middle thick, thin edges of the dough.

9, add cabbage and mushroom meat, you can start to wrap.

10. Pack the buns and let them stand for 15 minutes. Let them ferment again. Then you can put them in a steamer, cook in cold water, and steam on low heat for 15 minutes.

11. Finished product drawing.

In fact, eating out for a long time is not good for human health. Even with the practice of stuffing cabbage with meat and buns, people who have eaten it for a long time will never forget.