It’s best to eat fruits in the morning

Fruit is different from vegetables, and its different eating methods are also important factors.

The fruit flavor Jiajia has good taste and is suitable for raw food. Since it can be eaten raw without cooking, it can be eaten at any time you like, and you can eat it whenever you want.

However, from a nutritional point of view, when to eat fruit is really a bit particular.

  Compared with meat, poultry, fish, eggs and cereals, fruits and vegetables have their own nutritional characteristics, rich in vitamins and fiber intake.

Vitamin is a kind of small molecule organic matter. Although the human body needs less, it has many important physiological functions. The problem is that as an organic matter, its nature is not stable, and it is easy to degenerate and destroy during processing and cooking.

Vitamin C, in particular, is particularly sensitive to temperature and loses a lot during heating and cooking.

The third national nutrition survey showed that the amount of vitamin C in food consumed per person in the body reached 180% of the recommended amount, but mild deficiency of vitamin C in the population is common because the vegetables are cooked together and vitamin C is lost in large quantities, The actual amount of human intake is greatly reduced.

  The raw food is basically unprocessed, and vitamins are rarely lost, making up for the lack of vegetables.

Therefore, it is best to use fruits as a part of the supplement structure, and arrange a fruit for each meal to supplement vitamins, especially vitamin C, which will greatly improve the overall nutritional quality of each meal.

  Too many families are accustomed to eating fruits once a day, which is more ideal instead of eating at breakfast, because breakfast is slightly longer, there are few alternatives to accompany meals, and fruits are needed to provide vitamins.

In addition, after a deep night’s sleep, the gastrointestinal tract has been cleared, and the alternative fibers in fruits can better insert the role of “scavenger” to remove harmful substances on the intestinal wall and eliminate the risk of possible tumors.

Dietary fiber also has the function of regulating and improving blood sugar and lipids, and improving human immunity.

Maintain health, starting in the morning.