[Can bananas be eaten two days after diarrhea]_ Diet Conditioning _ Diet Taboo

Diarrhea is a kind of human gastrointestinal disease problem that corresponds to constipation. Generally, after a person has diarrhea, the number of stools will be much more than usual, and the shape of the stool will be watery and thin.

The impact of less severe diarrhea on the human body is not great, but severe diarrhea causes the body to cause dehydration and shock.

Bananas are a fruit that everyone realizes can facilitate the lungs. Can people still eat bananas during diarrhea?

Can diarrhea eat bananas?

Although bananas are delicious, they also contain extremely high energy and a variety of mineral elements, which have many benefits to the human body, but remember to avoid eating bananas.

Because banana is a cold fruit, it has soft smoothness, can promote intestinal motility, and has a laxative effect. Eating bananas during diarrhea can not solve the therapeutic effect, but will make your condition worse.

Should diarrhea also avoid some food?

1, sesame sesame is rich in stool oil, has a bowel moisturizing effect.

“Materia Medica Renewal” states: “The flax dress is amazingly smooth.

“The Materia Medica for Truth” also said: “Xia Yuan is not solid, and then sees it, . is taboo.

“Thus those who suffer from diarrhea are especially taboo.

2. People with garlic suffering from diarrhea and enteritis have cold or ingested food contaminated by bacteria, and intestinal wall produces diarrhea due to irritation.

At this time, the entire intestinal cavity is in a “supersaturated” state. If garlic is eaten at this time, allicin will stimulate the intestinal wall, causing further congestion and edema of blood vessels, causing more tissue fluid to penetrate into the intestinal cavity, thereby aggravating.diarrhea.
3, bitter melon cold, bitter, sweet, can damage the spleen and stomach.

Spleen deficiency type diarrhea, cold and wet type diarrhea and Yang deficiency type diarrhea, all should not eat.

4. Coarse grains Coarse grains are very extensive in our lives. For example, wheat, sweet potatoes, sorghum and corn are all part of coarse grains.

For the body, most of the coarse grains are relatively difficult to digest. If you take coarse grains during diarrhea, it will greatly increase the burden on the stomach, which will not only fail to neutralize the feces, but may also cause abdominal distension orStomach pain.

5. Duck meat Duck meat is a tonic food, which can nourish yin and nourish the stomach, but it is not suitable for people with diarrhea. Consecutively said in the “Dietary Spectrum of Living with Interest”: “Fresh food stagnation, smooth intestines, and yang spleenWeakness, unexplained feelings, diarrhea, and intestinal wind are all avoided.

“Don’t eat or not, regardless of the type of diarrhea.

6. Pears are cool and sweet, slightly acidic.

“Ben Cao Tong Xuan” said: “The living is clear of the heat of the six crickets;

“Therefore, it is not appropriate to eat raw pears for cold-wet (wind-cold) type diarrhea, spleen-deficiency type diarrhea, and yang-deficiency type diarrhea.

7, egg diarrhea patients should not use eggs to supplement nutrition, otherwise harmful and useless.

Because eggs contain high protein, it is difficult for patients to digest and absorb after eating, which will lead to worsening of the disease. It is advisable for patients with diarrhea to eat starchy or sugary foods.

8. Angelica Chinese medicine believes that angelica has a laxative effect. This is because it is rich in volatile oils. Therefore, those with dry stools are suitable, and those with diarrhea and stools should not eat.

9, crab cold food, all kinds of diarrhea are not suitable for eating.

“Ben Cao Jing Shu” states: “. Spleen and stomach are cold and slippery, so it is not advisable to take it.

“In the diet spectrum with the interest rate” also said: “The qi deficiency and coldness, the time is still unclear, those who sputum cough and diarrhea, are all taboo.

10, spinach Spinach is cool in nature, sweet in taste, can intestinal laxative, so constipation should be eaten, and those with diarrhea should avoid it.

“Ben Jing Feng Yuan” once pointed out: “Every vegetable can clear the stomach, and spinach is especially cold.

“Cool and smooth things, too much food, more prone to diarrhea and stool.

11. Walnut kernels contain 40% to 50% of nut oil, which has a laxative effect, so no matter how much diarrhea, you can’t eat it.

In addition, patients with diarrhea should avoid eating lettuce, fungus, horse milk, amaranth, chrysanthemum brain, raw cucumber, lettuce melon, cassia seed, Cynomorium, raw Polygonum multiflorum, mint and so on.