[How to make coffee powder]_ making method _ practice Daquan

Anyone who has some knowledge of coffee should know that the flavor of coffee brewed from practical hot water is not pure, so if you want to drink good coffee, you can only use a special coffee machine to make coffee.

And in the process of making coffee, there are certain pay attention, many people use coffee powder when making coffee.

So let’s introduce to you how to make coffee from ground coffee to taste delicious.

Boiled coffee becomes bitter. It is recommended that you do not boil the coffee directly on the fire. It should be brewed at a temperature between 90 and 96 ° C (195 and 205 ° F).

The dose of brewed caffeine is determined according to the needs. The brewed coffee should be replaced at one time. The brewed coffee should not be reheated, because this will make the taste worse, and the temperature to maintain the best flavor of the coffee is 86 ° C (185° F).

Water quality is one of the important factors that affect the taste of coffee. Fresh fresh water should be used for brewing. The amount of water per cup is preferably 98%.

If the water has a strange smell, you can consider filtering with activated carbon.

Determine the amount of ground coffee according to the amount of coffee required each time. Do not reuse ground coffee because the brewed coffee grounds are more bitter in the coffee.

The correct degree of grinding is determined by the characteristics of the coffee beans.

If the grinding is too fine, it will cause excessive extraction, produce bitter taste, or insert an annotation brewing device; insufficient grinding will cause the ground coffee to be as light as water; if a drip-type brewing device is used, the dripping should be completed within two to four minutesProcess for proper grinding.

It is recommended to use 10 grams of ground coffee per 180 milliliters (6 kW) of water.

How much coffee you absolutely need to brew should be prepared in the same proportion.

The coffee should be kept in the coffee machine for at least 20 minutes, as it will lose its flavor if left for too long.

If you want to brew for one day at a time, it is recommended to use a thermos or vacuum pot to save the temperature and aroma of the coffee for a long time.